Monday, September 27, 2010

how god found me

God found me in the dust..i was his son. But instead of his wealth and love, i chose to dine with swine..

God found me in the mud..sick, despondent, filled with despair. But he picked me up and told me I can start again...

God found me in the mire..and he bathed me and clothed garments of silk and he can say proudly, "this is my child, in whom i am well pleased." 

But still i fall..i fall from the precipice...and yet, he, my Shepherd, seeks me and saves me. He carries me on his shoulders to lead me back to his fold..but you would think he'll lock me up so i won't stray again...but he keeps the gate open for me to go..

and i ask him why, he answers, "Because true love wants you to be free. Free to stay or leave, free to love or hate..but when you come back asking for my pardon, I would embrace you and say, 'I love you, whatever you do, whatever you become..come, let us feast, for you were lost, now you're found.' "

God found me in the rough..and he chiseled and chiseled until he found that part of him he placed in me...a diamond of great price.

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