Thursday, January 27, 2011

work is prayer, work is love

I have been reflecting on the value of loving your job. There are times of course when I feel bored and want to be somewhere else, the mall perhaps, or in my room, under the warm blanket..especially now that rain pours everyday and the wind is cold. Or go curl up in a couch and read a good book. But Jesus reminds me that my job is my mission field. It is where I can bear his light and shine it for all people to see.

Recently we've been encountering a lot of problems in the townhomes we've constructed last year. Leaking roofs, clogged downspouts, and bad plumbing gone berserk! Not to mention complaining homeowners who have to bear with a cessation in water supply, workers going in and out of their homes, etc, etc.

Sometimes, the thought of quitting the job comes into my mind. "God, I wish I can be out there, doing mission work with the poor, without thought for what to do next, what to say to irate homeowners, etc." But in the end, the voice of Jesus whispers(but really, he whispers loudly), "I placed you in the right job, you are there for a reason, that is your road to sanctity. Be patient, be kind, be tolerant. When you feel on the verge of giving up, offer it up to me, your cross, a sacrifice of love. I will strengthen you, equip you for the challenges, and sustain you when things go rough. When you are on the brink of anger, breathe me, and I will make a peaceful man of you. When you are afraid of the consequences, I will give you confidence in your decisions, and intuition enough to know what is right. When you are sad and tired of all the mental and physical stress, I will comfort you and give you rest. Cast all your cares upon me, you cannot outdo my generosity and my providence."

And when Jesus becomes silent, waiting for my reply, I breathe out and say, "Yes Lord, I know you can do it for me. You are far greater, more powerful, stronger and wiser. I cast my care on your shoulders. Come, let us begin to walk again." And it is always as if Jesus is my Simon of Cyrene, and we walk towards the Cross together, lightening each other's load.

Work is prayer, and work is love in action.


  1. Wonderful post, John! Take time to reflect on your vocation to religious life. Please do not give it up. It is also God who placed that desire in your heart. :)

    I shall be praying for you always.

  2. Brother, i am not giving up. This is just a detour to my true destination...